Vendor Packages

Vendor Packages
Spaces and Booths

All vendors are asked to set their tables and tents up on the Saturday if at all possible. If you are in the hotel main expo hall set up will commence at 4:00pm The hall will be locked overnight and one door will be opened from 8:00am for vendors only in the morning prior to the expo commencing at 9:am.
If you are in the hotel courtyard you can set up anytime in the afternoon on the Saturday. We suggest that you only set up your structure and bring any valuable items early the following day as the courtyard opens to the public at 8:00am.
All Vendors and Sponsors are invited to our welcome networking and drinks gathering in the hotel from 5:30 – 7:30.
We will hand you your tickets on the day.

Booth Space

*Includes Vendor Community Trading Program worth $100pa

Inside Hotel

6′ Expo Table includes promo interview – $500*
12’ Double Table includes promo interview – $900*
6’ Expo Table – $400
2 x 6’ Tables – $750
6’ Charity Table – $200

Hotel Courtyard

6′ Table Space includes promo interview – $500*
10’ x 10’ Space includes promo interview – $650*
10’ x 10’ Space $550
20’ x 10’ Space includes promo interview – $1000.00*
6’ Charity Table – $200

Speaker Package: Sponsorship Available – POA

45 Minutes speaking time + 6ft Table
Presentation will be in the Hotel Theatre
Includes: video representation of your presentation
Speaker Times: 9:30, 10:30, 12:30, 1:30, 2:30

Activity Package: Sponsorship Available – POA

30 Minutes Showcase Session + Allocated Space
Session will be in a private carpeted room inside the hotel
Includes: video representation of your presentation
Activity Times: 9:30, 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 2:30

Courtyard Activity Package: Sponsorship Available – POA

30 Minutes Showcase Session + Allocated Space
Session will be on the stage area in the Hotel Courtyard
Includes: video representation of your presentation
Activity Times: 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, 3:00

Premier Vendor Sponsorship

A: $2,200* – 6’ Table* in designated space and promotional video
B: $2,600* – 2 x 6’ Table* in designated space and promotional video
C: $2,750* – 10’ x 10’ space in hotel courtyard and promotional video

All include:

    • Exclusive interview on the event day with the founders of The Brooklyn Café Show Dawn Graubert and Freddy Santory streamed live
    • Company/business logo with hyper link on the event website
    • Provide a gift for the Lucky Prize Draw (featured on website)
    • Provide item for participants packet
    • List of all visitors to the expo
    • List of all participants in the runs and walk

Premier Catering and Trail Makers Shirt Sponsorship – $2,600 SOLD TO

    • Set up to sell food to visitors to the expo
    • Provide lunches for Trail Makers (Volunteers)
    • Recipient of $5 redeemable lunch vouches from run and walk participants
    • Logo on the Trail Makers (volunteers) shirts
    • Promotional video that can be used on social media (produced summer 2022)
    • We will use on our website and social media
    • Promotional video produced at the event in January 2023
    • Promotion in participants packet
    • List of all participants and lucky prize draw entrants
    • Inclusion In Vendor Community Trading Program

Vendor Terms
and Conditions


Payment Terms

  • Payment in full has to be made online at time of booking
  • Payment for Sponsorship Packages can be made by check or bank transfer or online according to the agreed terms of payment
  • If the final payment is not made prior to the due date then the organizers have the right to seek the full amount even if the recipient does not attend the event and re sell the stand/booth space and any deposits previously made will be non-refundable.


Electricity is made available to all booths that have requested it. You are required to supply your own extension leads and adapters to reach the nearest supply point Please ensure that all electrical equipment is tested to standard Regulations. Any appliances or extensions used should be in a good state of repair with no obvious defects and carry the appropriate fuse for the appliance. All cables must be secured and taped up to prevent slips, trips and falls.

The organizers will supply an area where you can recharge your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Exhibitors, Booths

Booth space will be allocated by the Event Organizer in the interest of ensuring a well-balanced event. Chairs and Tables will be placed in your allotted space. Subletting or sharing of booth space is only permitted with prior agreement. The Organizer reserves the right to alter the venue plan at any time without consultation with the vendors. Lighted candles or the burning of incense or tea lights may be used on any booth, either as decoration or to display. Any liquid spillage must be removed as quickly as possible The Vendor is required to ensure that all banners, decorative furniture and equipment is secure and does not have adverse effects on fellow vendors and the general public visiting the event.

Unloading and Dismantling

There will be Trail Makers (our volunteers) to conduct the area designated for unloading of your vehicles. This area has a restriction as to the number of vehicles allowed and once unloaded, please move your vehicle away from the entrance as soon as possible. Vendors must not commence dismantling their booths until the announcement that the event has officially closed.

There is a free car park available adjacent to the hotel. Please park in the designated vendor parking spaces with your parking pass showing on your dashboard.


Cancellations must be made in writing. Full payments are required if a cancellation is made within 6 weeks prior to the Expo. We will exercise our right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery cost under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to the agreed terms.

Leaflets/Samples/Display Material

Leaflets, canvasing and samples must remain within the bounds of your booth area. There will be a designated area for leaflets. Please do not place leaflets elsewhere in the venue, including toilets. Fly posters are likewise not permitted unless previously agreed with the Event Organizers and will be removed if found.


The event Organizers reserve the right to exclude any exhibitor without giving any explanation.


The exhibitor shall take out adequate insurance in respect to all liabilities of the booth holders in relation to the event. All vendors are required to have insurance in place to cover their own business products and services and the organizers cannot be held responsible for any claims made against the vendors by another party that relates to their products or services.

Vendors who manufacture, mix or apply products must hold products liability and comply with the trading standards legislation. All vendors must comply with current labeling regulations, weights and measures legislation for any home-produced products.

While every effort will be made regarding overnight security, no responsibility is accepted for any loss or damage to any products, stock or equipment. Vendors are responsible for the safety of their booths and their own insurance cover for stock and equipment.

The organizers have the right to seek proof of insurance and if not supplied exclude the trader from the event.

Conflict of Interest

To prevent conflict of interest, vendors confirm by accepting they will not hold a similar Event/s within a 25-mile radius of those planned by the Event Organizers on the dates in question.

Removal of products and services
You may be requested to remove or withdraw any products and services, which are not listed, on the booking form.
All product and services offered must be listed on the booking form. (This enables us to have a well-balanced event.)


All vendors give permission for any information provided and photographs or videos in which they feature can be used for future marketing materials by Eco Trail Trekker Global and its official partners.

Promo Items

Please make arrangements for all products and promotional items that are going into the participants packets to be delivered or collected prior to the event weekend.
All vendors and sponsors are asked to bring items to be offered in the Lucky Prize Draw to the organizers table by 9:00 am on the event day, if not already submitted.

Download Vendor Terms and Conditions

Please follow the link to open and read the Vendor Terms and Conditions