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Supporting Charities and Good Causes by Promoting Sports, Health & Wellness!!! Supporting Charities and Good Causes by Promoting Sports, Health & Wellness!!! Supporting Charities and Good Causes by Promoting Sports, Health & Wellness!!! Supporting Charities and Good Causes by Promoting Sports, Health & Wellness!!!


Guest Speakers

Location: Palm Theatre on the East side of the Embassy Suites Atrium
Entry: Speaker Theater Pass $15 pre-purchased on Eventbrite
$20 on the door
VIP Access Pass $25 pre-purchased on Eventbrite
$35 on the door
VIP Access Pass allows entrance to all speakers and Mind/Body/Soul Classes
Speakers: (Each speaker will be speaking for 40 minutes)
Registration from: 9:00 am

Linzi Martinez

Guest Presenter


Linzi Martinez is an award-winning television show producer and host.

She is the founder of Happy Healthy Stronger, a health and wellness company. And the creator of the new fitness line Body on Fire. Additionally, as a Celebrity personal trainer and nutritional therapist, Linzi’s  passion is to motivate captivate and mostly inspire her viewers, clients and followers to be the best they can be and to feel ridiculously alive.

Tracy Mcdonough:

Tracy McDonough, MSW, LMT is the founder of Healing Moments Integrative and Holistic Wellness Center in Boca Raton, Florida. Over the last 25 years, Tracy has worked with over 5,000 clients between the ages of 4 and 102 through clinical social work, a wide range of massage therapies, pre- and post-surgery treatment, vibroacoustic sound therapy, full-spectrum infrared therapies, detoxification therapies, many forms of energetic healing and health coaching. Tracy’s healing journey began when she was in a head-on collision at 80mph. The accident shattered every bone in her feet and changed the course of her life. She has a unique background with experiences both personally and professionally that allow her to approach every client she sees with empathy and personalized treatment plans. Her passion is people, giving compassion and unconditional love to friends, family and clients alike. Tracy loves inspiring all to establish healthy habits to increase energy, focus and vitality while reducing pain, stress and inflammation. Healing Moments specializes in integrating scientific and ancient therapies in order to relieve physical, emotional and psychological distress, where the healing begins the moment you walk through the door!

Dr. Gregory E. Jean-Pierre:

Dr. Gregory Jean-Pierre ATC-L, DC, NUCCA Practitioner is the Director and Founder of the Upper Cervical Institute of Florida, P.A. and The Boca Migraine Center. Dr. Jean-Pierre has devoted his time and commitment to helping women with headaches and migraines regain their life back.

As a former 20 years migraine sufferer himself, Dr. Jean-Pierre knows first-hand the devastating effects that migraines have on you and how if affects those close to you. It is with that intent that Dr. Jean-Pierre has dedicated himself solely to the treatment of headaches and migraines. As an Upper Cervical NUCCA practitioner, Dr. Jean-Pierre has been able to help countless patients recover from all types of acute and chronic headache and migraine conditions.

Thomas Taylor:

Thomas Taylor founded FitExec to help entrepreneurs, leaders, and linchpin employees like you achieve deep physical and mental health, light their energy, purpose and passion on fire, and create humanity+ businesses.

A challenger of conventional fitness wisdom, Tom brings his ongoing education and more than a decade of ground-level experience with hundreds of clients to provide new ways of thinking about the role of health in our modern world.

Armed with a fascination with the human body and an insatiable curiosity about the human mind, Tom has developed his method by combining the latest discoveries in neuroscience, the microbiome, nutrition and energy metabolism, mindset and psychology, cognitive behavioral coaching, and technology along with a mastery of functional anatomy, biomechanics, and corrective exercise.

Laura Saltman:

Laura Saltman is a Motivational Speaker, TV Host, Intuitive Guidance Coach, Meditation Teacher (C.MI) and Author of The All of Everything, A Spiritual Guide to Inner World Domination, The All of the All and the The All That Is, a three-book series of spiritual and metaphysical teachings with a modern-day twist. She is the creator of the Wisdom of The All, offering a daily dose of spiritual insights channeled through her intuitive voice.

As a television producer/host and correspondent she has worked on major national shows including Today, Access Hollywood, E! News, Designing Spaces and On Air with Ryan Seacrest. She currently is the creative director for Well World TV, a digital network aimed at sharing inspiring and uplifting content.

Richard Schaffer:

After many years in the corporate world, Richard Schaffer first had his eyes opened to the importance of health in the early 2000’s. Always the skeptic, Richard did copious amounts of research on any medical company alluding to providing solutions. When he came across BEMER, Richard set out to prove that the company could not back up their claims of helping with a myriad of health ailments. To his surprise though, his journey led him to the opposite conclusion and he has since been one of the largest advocates and most knowledgeable educators on BEMER technology.

BEMER uses a pulsed electromagnetic field (“PEMF”) to deliver a patented therapeutic signal. This signal helps improve the impaired pumping movements of small to very small vessels to promote need-based distribution of blood throughout the body. Healthy microcirculation is vital to the cardiovascular system, and relief of much pain and inflammation can be contributed to the alleviation of issues in this area!

[Plus 3 additional speakers
A Full List of Speakers will be published in due course]