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Is a 10km family fun walk, trek, jog or run for you? Or could you manage the 30km corporate challenge which you can walk, trek, jog or run!

Local businessmen expand their philanthropic venture into Yorkshire. New fitness festival will give thousands of pounds to local charities.
A brand new sporting event is set to open in Leeds this year. The Leeds Eco Trail Trekker will be the first UK fitness event and family festival, which encourages participants to walk, jog or run a 10k or 30k course, together as a team of four.
Supported by and organised in conjunction with Leeds Beckett University and Yorkshire Sport Foundation the festival is set to encourage people to visit Leeds and give big cash boosts to charities acting as the launch pad for a new global charitable endeavour.

“We are delighted to welcome the Eco Trekker event to our University; it’s a fantastic opportunity for Well Met Conferencing to promote a significant sporting event once again. The spirit of the Macau Eco Trail Hiker event aligns with our own ethos as an academic venue; working as a close-knit team to ensure joint successes, overcoming challenges together and celebrating as one. We warmly welcome sporting events to the University and are confident that our facilities and expertise in the conferencing sector, along with the University’s 80 years of history at our Carnegie Faculty, can provide a brilliant platform for events such as this.”

Leeds ETT Countdown October 15, 2017