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Eco Trail Trekker Global USA offer you the opportunity to become a business
leader owning this exciting event in your community which will feature in the
ETT Directory of Events.

The event is held annually, well-organized and on one day starting with a 5k, 10k run and a 2k family fun walk which encourage the community to participate and dial up their health and wellness. Thanks to all the amazing sponsors, event owners like you donate 50% of the proceeds from participants to local charities that are involved in the run and walk. The event also provides an opportunity for the charities, businesses and professionals in the health and wellness sector to have a booth in the expo hall or in the venue courtyard area to promote their products and services to the visitors that attend. Throughout the day there are guest speakers and an activity area where the visitors can join in the classes. The whole expo is free to enter and there is also a food court with a variety of fabulous healthy food.”

If you have a hunger both for business and to make a difference in people’s lives an affordable investment will enable you to achieve your ambition

John Maxwell said:

“I know that if there is a path there is a prior journey. What do I mean by that? 
Someone has already created the trail for those to follow. No two paths are the same, it is up to you to discover which one you want to follow!”

This John Maxwell analogy applies to the ECO TRAIL TREKKER EVENT and a perfect reason to make the investment to become an ETT Community Leader owning your own event and making a difference in people’s lives

You will be fully supported along your path to organize a successful event, with continual reviews and updates every year. Build on the success of the Boca Raton
home event in Florida

Event Owners will also be part of their very own health and wellness program that will be available to TV viewers and listeners around the world helping to keep the brand at the forefront of consumer’s minds

The Peak Performance program will be presented by The Brooklyn Café Show in association with Eco Trail Trekker Global USA

LIVE programs will feature a qualified professional from the health and wellness sectors who will inspire, educate and share personal experiences to help viewers improve their life and reach Peak Performance!

There will also be a segment that will feature a local charity and the wonderful work they do in the community ending with a call to action fund raiser for the charity.

The Brooklyn Café Show was founded on the concept that all conversations, decisions, and discussions begin around the kitchen table. The Peak Performance program vision is to facilitate qualified professionals and charities to awaken, align and articulate their unique voice to a wider audience. As a fun live show, the program will educate, motivate and create the conversational platform to inspire the viewers and listeners to achieve their own goals.

Do you have what it takes?

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