CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility


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The Boca Raton Eco Trail Trekker event gives you the opportunity to show the community that your business cares
There are various ways in which you could show this support


  • Support your employees by entering TEAMS or INDIVIDUALS in either the 5k or 10k runs or the 2k FAMILY FUN WALK
  • The event organisers donate 50% of the participants registration fee to one of our recommended charities that they choose
  • If your business has a particular charity that it wants to support contact us to find out how we can donate to that charity too
  • Your employees and potential employees say that a company’s charitable activity play a role in their employment decisions
  • Team building is a vital ingredient of employee development and an important skill of successful business leaders
  • Training and fundraising together helps foster and strengthen relationships, resulting in better teamwork, morale in the workplace an understanding of colleagues responsibilities and supports employee retention
  • Contributing to a charity or good cause and taking an active role in the community instils company pride in your employees
  • Working together to meet goals and seeing the success they achieve as a team, moving forward and building on that success each year is a positive experience
  • Creating a health conscious work environment based on sports, health and wellness, together with training for and participating in a community event provides your employees with a challenging and life changing fitness goal
  • Events help your employees get in shape and learn healthy habits, which can translate to a more productive and effective work force and health care savings


  • By becoming a sponsor you are enabling this annual prestigious event to take place
    Packages are available at all levels to fit your budget
    Contact us to be sent our sponsorship deck


  • You may want to support your employees personal sponsorship collecting efforts with a matching dollar for dollar amount which will benefit your chosen charity
    If you have employees that prefer to volunteer as our Trail Makers rather than participate you could also extend the scheme with them raising personal sponsorship
  • All the money raised would be paid by yourselves directly to your chosen charity
    We use students who use the event to do community service hours, however we do require several mature leaders to supervise the students
If your company is interested in lending a helping hand please let us know


Reward your employees with the benefits of being a member of the Boca Raton event consumer community. Play your part in encouraging your employees to give back to their community.
All consumers will benefit from the vendors promotions held within the state of Florida.


The fee to Join the Eco Trail Trekker Consumer Community is:
$30 annually.
All profits to be shared by the Boca Raton Events four recommended charities each year.


  • Supports Charities in your local community
    Bi-Monthly digital news letter
    Exclusive discount offers from Vendors
    Exclusive discount offers from Sponsors


Mark Burns the COO of BlueIvy Communications joined up to sponsor with the Boca Raton Eco Trail Trekker early in the event process, and collaborated successfully with Paul Collins the founder of the Boca Raton Eco Trail Trekker on PR projects to promote the events. He says, “It is always a pleasure to look out over an event like this and see it develop. Now that times are easing after the Covid-19 and things are getting back to normal it is expected the next event will have a bumper attendance.
The relaunch of the Peak Performance Program on The Brooklyn Café Show will also be a huge success and our relationship will continue to develop as we move forward.
The Eco Trail Trekker event will continue to grow with more locations each year, building from the base already established in Boca and BlueIvy Communications will be there with them every step of the way. Our BlueIvy team members will be in attendance enjoying the event, participating in the runs and enjoying meeting all the vendors and speakers in the health and wellness expo”.
BlueIvy Communications
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