Charities and Good Causes

Become one of our Charity Partners!

Do you have a Good Cause that needs funding?

Get your supporters involved by entering TEAMS in the event and we will donate 50% of their TEAM ENTRY FEE back to your charity or good cause!

Participants can also be encouraged to raise individual sponsorship which can be paid directly into your donation accounts.

Paul Collins Eco Trail Trekker Co-founder says “The spirit of the Eco Trail Trekker event aligns with the ethos of like-minded businesses and people within the community, working as a close-knit team to ensure joint successes, overcoming challenges together and celebrating as one”.

Eco Trail Trekker warmly welcomes everyone to the Challenges where you will enjoy the experience of competing as a TEAM or as an individual.

We look forward to you helping to make this our 2nd event another step forward in our aim to make this the premier annual event of its kind in Boca Raton”.

Put the week-end of April 11th – 12th 2020 on your Calendar as this is bound to be a GREAT event to either take part in or to visit.

Boca Raton Eco Trail Trekker are delighted to be donating a minimum of 50% of the competitor’s entrance fees to charities and good causes and encourage all participants to connect with your own chosen charity or good cause to see how you can raise additional funds through individual sponsorship.


BOCA RATON ETT COUNTDOWN April 11th and 12th 2020








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