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Supporting Charities and Good Causes by Promoting Sports, Health & Wellness!!! Supporting Charities and Good Causes by Promoting Sports, Health & Wellness!!! Supporting Charities and Good Causes by Promoting Sports, Health & Wellness!!! Supporting Charities and Good Causes by Promoting Sports, Health & Wellness!!!


Mind/Body/Soul Classes

Location: In the Croix Suite on the West side of the Embassy Suites Atrium
Entry: Croix Suite Activities Pass $15 pre-purchased on Eventbrite
$20 on the door
VIP Access Pass $25 pre-purchased on Eventbrite
$35 on the door
VIP Access Pass allows entrance to all Mind/Body/Soul Classes and Speakers
Time: Tickets available at the door as early as 9:00 am
Class Times: (Each class will last for 45 min)
Registration from: 9:00 am

Reina Ananada – Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Meditation:

Reina Ananda is a nationally certified Licensed Massage Therapist for over 20 years. Her biggest honor and blessing is to be able to touch the minds, bodies and spirits of the people and animals she works with, and to be rewarded by seeing the positive changes occurring to their faces, bodies and lives!

Her philosophy is that when you shift the mind, the body will follow, regardless of one’s past. Reina uses a combination of therapeutic, deep tissue, hot and cold stone massage, cranial sacrum, lymphatic drainage, reflexology, cupping and much more. A full mind/body experience changes one’s thoughts and in turn, can change one’s health and life! Reina is also an expert with Quartz Crystal Bowl sound therapy, tone chimes and other vibrational tools which raise the vibration of those listening in order to bring more clarity and attune imbalances. When you are in energetic alignment, this empowers your whole being to make better and clearer choices in life!

Terry Michael – Pilates:

Terry Michael, CPI is a Certified Pilates Instructor in private practice in Boynton Beach, FL and is a resident instructor with Sol Oasis Healing Arts Studio and Spa in Boynton Beach, FL.

Over the last 15 years Terry Michael of Terry Michael Wellness has provided thousands of people with health and wellness professional services. She is passionate about nutrition, fitness and personal development and thoroughly enjoys helping her customers and clients increase productivity, satisfaction and overall wellbeing with their lives.

Terry became a Certified Pilates Instructor in 2003 and is cross trained in yoga. Terry completed her Access The Bars training in 2018 and enjoys working with individuals to help them achieve their wellness goals.

Andrea Hammer CFT, CHWC, CSFS, CFNS – Max PAC Fitness:

Andrea Hammer’s penchant for JOY-FULL living through health and wellness is contagious. She long ago shed the world of corporate banking to pursue her passion for helping others transform their lives by experiencing the tremendous life-enhancing value of SELF CARE! Andrea has vast knowledge, skills and expertise in the areas of Fitness, Health, Nutrition and Life Coaching. Her philosophy of wellness (physically, mentally and spiritually) embraces the uniqueness of every individual. She personally coaches them on taking positive mindful actions that work best for THEM that will result in a happier and heathier quality of life!

Andrea began her journey into fitness many years ago. She earned her Black Belt in Tai Kwan Do in 1998, and built on the tenants of “Honor, Integrity, Courage, Discipline, Persistence, Commitment, and Belief in Self, which are the cornerstone of her practice. Recognizing the mental and physical benefits of martial arts, she became a Women’s’ Self-Defense Instructor, believing that women should not just ‘feel’ empowered but truly ‘be’ empowered. This prompted the development of her popular ‘Guts Class’ in tactical training to instill Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence in girls and women of all ages and abilities.

Rosalie Galante – ZUMBA:

Certified Dance Instructor / Founder of Creative Souls Dance LLC

Rosalie Galante is a member of the National Dance Council of America and is a certified dance instructor. She is recognized throughout the dance industry as one of America’s top teachers and performers, and has taught the art of dance to many individuals, from professional competitors to first-timers alike. Rosalie has been formally trained in Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Ballroom – including Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz and Tango – both in New York and Florida. She has been teaching dancers and developing creative choreographies for over 15 years for many local dance companies, non-profit organizations and charity events, based on the diversity of cultures that she has been exposed to throughout her numerous travels. Her students have performed in different venues and have won First Place in numerous dance competitions around the world. Rosalie also believes that a healthy lifestyle is a happy one, so she combines positive and inspiring music with all her dance background to develop fun and diverse choreographies for the Dance Aerobics, Group Workshops and Zumba Classes which she teaches at several country clubs and gyms throughout South Florida. This passion for bringing joy to people’s lives and helping them express themselves through dance and music led her to establish Creative Souls Dance LLC.

Yoga Joint – Fusion Flow Yoga:

Yoga Joint has been a staple to the South Florida community since 2010. Yoga Joint boasts five, premier yoga studios in South Florida, with a sixth studio opening up March 2020 in Central Boca. Yoga Joint is the leading hot yoga studio, in South Florida, that is equipped with state of the art infrared heating panels and full facility showers and locker rooms. We offer an array of Hot Fusion Flow, Restore75, and FIIT45 classes at each location with class times to accommodate anyone’s busy schedule. Yoga Joint’s mission is to get Yoga, fitness, and mindfulness to each and every person, that is why we offer some of the most economical prices on our memberships and class packages. Come stop in for a studio tour or to take advantage of our new client offer: 50% off your first month     for unlimited classes!

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