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When the Eco Trail Hiker set out in 2009 in Macau it was based on the principle of leadership and a willingness to participate in the interests of competing as a TEAM of four and raising as much money as possible for charity. This meant entering as a TEAM training for the event together competing together and making sure all of the TEAM were at each check point and at the finish together. That element of the event has remained the integral part of the Eco Trail Trekker events whatever challenge is undertaken.

 Eco Trail Trekker Global

Organize well planned events around the world designed to engage the body and mind providing a challenge for everyone.

The Event

Choose from three distances:

  • 5 km TEAM Challenge
  • 10 km TEAM Challenge
  • 30 km TEAM Challenge

Teams of 4 start together, reach check points together and finish together

The participants also raise personal sponsorship for their Charities or Good Causes

Walk, Trek, Jog, Run!

We don’t care as long as you have Fun!

Once you have finished the event visit the many exhibitors in the sports, health and wellness expo and get the latest information or treat yourself to a new health or wellbeing experience.

If you need new TEAM members recruit on our social media pages, create a team name and enter online where you will find our TEAM Entry Form. It’s that easy!

Why not experience an event in another location and make it a mini-holiday!

Our Mission Statement

Our Eco Trail Trekker Guiding Principles:

1) Safety – The safety of our Participants, Trail Makers and Visitors is the
    number one consideration.
2) Corporate Social Responsibility – We will donate a minimum of 50% of the
    net entry fees to our participants supported Charities and Good Causes.
3) Eco Friendly – We will also strive to protect our environment and reduce the carbon footprint.
4) Promoting Wellness – We will encourage everyone to dial up their health and  wellness aspirations.
 Courtesy – We aspire to create the friendliest events on the planet.
6) Efficiency – We will improve event by event.
7) Creating Win-Win Partnerships. For our Sponsors, Participants, Partners and
8) Leveraging Technology – to drive the success of our Trail Trekker events globally.

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