About Us



When the original event known as the Eco Trail Hiker set out in 2009 in Macau it was based on the principle of leadership and a willingness to participate in the interests of competing as a TEAM of four and raising as much money as possible for charity. This meant entering as a TEAM training for the event together competing together and making sure all of the TEAM were at each check point and at the finish together. That element of the event has remained the integral part of the Eco Trail Trekker event whether competing in the 10k or 30k distance.

The Eco Trail Trekker will be an annual multi-sponsored event happening on many locations around the world. Supported by local authorities and established venues ranging from local universities to a sports clubs or major business sites. The venue houses the start and finish of the Eco Trail Trekker Event as well as a festival for competitors and supporters featuring a Sports, Health and Wellness Expo.

Team kit pick up for the Event starts on the Saturday from 12 noon when all the competitors will get an opportunity to visit the Expo. The Eco Trail Trekker starts on the Sunday morning when the venue welcomes competitors and supporters who as well as cheering the competitors, are duly entertained on a day full of different activities including the Expo.

All competitors receive a packed food box and drink prior to the prize giving and party atmosphere which brings a special conclusion of the day!

Our Mission Statement

Our Eco Trail Trekker Guiding Principles:

1) Safety – Safety of our participants, crew and supporters is our no. 1 consideration
2) Courtesy – We aspire to create the friendliest event on the planet.
3) Efficiency – We will improve event by event
4) Creating Win-Win-Win Partnerships. A win for our sponsors, participants and franchises
5) Leveraging Technology – to drive the success of our Trail Trekker events globally
6) Promoting Wellness – Our events we promote the need for all of us to dial up our wellness
7) Corporate Social Responsibility – A minimum of 50% of the net entry fees will be donated to our nominated charities
8)  Eco Friendly – We will also strive to protect our environment and reduce our carbon footprint

Leeds ETT Countdown June 16th and 17th 2018