Is an organized well planned event designed to engage the body and mind providing the opportunity for everyone to dial up their health and wellness and raise funds for charities in the local community.


The Boca Raton Eco Trail Trekker event is an annual one day event starting at 8:00am with a TEAM and INDIVIDUAL 5k or 10k Run followed at 9:00am by a 2k Family Fun Walk all in conjunction with a Health & Wellness Expo concluding around 4:30pm. 50% of the proceeds from participants are donated to local charities that are involved in the runs and walk. There are also opportunities for the charities, businesses, and professionals in the health and wellness sector to have a vendor table at this empowering event. Throughout the day there are guest speakers and an activity area where the visitors can join in the classes. 

Walk, Trek, Jog, Run!

We don’t care as long as you have Fun!


  • The Boca Raton Eco Trail Trekker event enable us to support charities locally and in the wider community and reward us with a healthier lifestyle both physically and mentally
  • The Health & Wellness Expo enables us to meet new vendors listen to speakers , join in the activities and discover the latest innovations and services being offered to improve our wellbeing aspirations
  • The Runs and walk aim to Inspire us to participate with our friends, work colleagues and family and support the community

 Mission Statement

Our Eco Trail Trekker Guiding Principles:

  1. Safety – The safety of our participants, trail makers and visitors is our number one consideration
  2. Courtesy – We aspire to create the friendliest events on the planet
  3. Promoting Good Health & Wellness – Encouraging communities to dial up their physical and mental health and wellness aspirations
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility – By donating a minimum of 50% of the net entry fees from our participants to charities
  5. Eco Friendly – We will endeavour to connect with and support eco-friendly charities, businesses and good causes
  6. Efficiency – We will improve event by event
  7. Creating Win-Win-Win-Win Partnerships – with sponsors, vendors, participants and consumers.
  8. Leveraging Technology – to develop the success of the Boca Raton Eco Trail Trekker event through new innovations